Web Admissions Center

Quick Start Instructions

There are three steps involved in applying for admission using the Web Admissions Center.
  1. Setting up your account.
  2. Filling out the Application for Admission.
  3. Submitting your completed application.

Setting up your account

Before you can complete an Application for Admission, you need to set up an account with the Web Admissions Center. Having an account allows you to access your admissions information at anytime, from anywhere. This means that you can complete a portion of your Application for Admission, save it, and then come back later to finish it. This process also allows you to send your Application for Admission to any participating college in the Washington State Community and Technical College system.

To set up a Web Admissions account, simply follow the instructions on the Set Up Account form. You will be prompted to create a user ID for yourself and a password. Your user ID and password will ensure that you are the only person who has access to your information. Once you have successfully created your account, you can begin filling out your Application for Admission.

Filling out the Application for Admission

The Application for Admission consists of six sections:
  • Section 1 - Personal Information
  • Section 2 - Course of Study
  • Section 3 - Residency Information
  • Section 4 - Race and Citizenship Information
  • Section 5 - Testing Information
  • Section 6 - Academic History
You must complete all six sections of the Application for Admissions before you can submit it. Each section contains various questions; some are required and some are optional. You must respond to required questions, which are indicated by an asterisk (*). Answer the questions as completely as possible.

You can click the Save button anytime that you want to save the information you have entered on the application form. When you have completed a section, click the Save and Continue button to go to the next section of the application form. Once you have completed all six sections, you can submit your completed application to the colleges of your choice.

Submitting your completed application

To submit your Application for Admission, select the college to which you want to apply by clicking the Select box next to the college name; then click the Submit button at the bottom of the form. A copy of your application will be sent to the college that you selected. The length of time it takes for a college to review your application will vary. However, you may check the status of your application at any time.

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If you have questions about your Application for Admission or about the college to which you are applying, contact the college directly.
If you encounter a serious application error while using the application, e-mail SBCTC Customer Support.